Akihabara again

December 14, 2008
japan asia

Ahh the life of a Japanese local. My personal space was violated! Crushed against a sea of people. Though I am quite impressed, the entire mob moves at a very very brisk pace. If this was in Australia someone in front will randomly stop and the crowd’s movement will be screwed up.

Shibuya at night! It was packed with people. All the shops were closed so I assume they were going to clubs or bars or something. We tried to follow the crowd but weren’t successful.
More Shibuya.

NEW FLAVOURS OF PRINGLES! As a big fan of pringles, I endorse this ad. Hmm… men’s size clothing for non men clothing. Scary.
 I have NO idea what this ad means. Can someone explain it?

Japanese doors are too short for Victor! We don’t actually know where this door leads though, it was in a really seedy back alley.
Remm, a classy hotel. I will stay here when I become rich and famous.
Ahh, Yoshinoya can give you a lunch for less than 400 yen. It’s McDonalds for Japanese really. But healthier. With smaller servings.
Lots of people smoking around a non smoking sign.
Engrish bank.
I have no idea what this is.  Random Japanese drink. Pretty tasty too! Tastes like Mountain Dew sortof.
Seedy Akihabara…

“We support engineers”! Nice to know we’re appreciated. Even in the subtitles of random stores.