Akihabara photos

December 9, 2008
japan asia

These are some photos when I visited Akihabara yesterday. Gotta love the train system here. Took almost no time to get there, and I assume its the same case for everywhere else. 11am. Friends still asleep. I think I’m going to kick them out of bed next time.

Apparently this car costs a million dollars. Not bad. Too scared to take a photo any closer in case the car’s owner has ninjas protecting it or something. Random street shot of Akihabara’s ‘electric town’.
Half Life 2 arcade! Zomgwtfbbq! 
A weird cube light game thing. 
The pinnacle of Japanese technology. Most of the stuff here in the electric town appears to be of crapulent and poor quality but cheap. Not what I was expecting of  Japan. These are mostly the street stores though, the normal stores are generally techy.

Nice to know Japanese also have tiny servings of stuff. A light shops. For the light collectors out there. There’s also a electric fan shop. Maybe some people like collecting fans?

WOAH! I want that mini netbook laptop thing. It even swivels out and becomes a tablet with a touch screen! If the AUD wasn’t so pathetic, it would be in my hands right now.

In front of the Akiba shop. It’s an enormous 7 floor building housing all electronic things you could ever want.

Inside the Akiba shop there’s this unusual device. It checks your eyes to see what strength of glasses you need to buy.

Next to the eye checker thing is this. It is a sonic glasses cleaner. Put your glasses in and it’ll shoot sound waves to clean your glasses. Awesome eh?