Arrived in Japan

December 7, 2008
japan asia

Just arrived in Japan after a 12 hour flight. Good first impressions of Japan so far, insanely high density population and many many many train stops. Which is good… assuming you know where you’re going.

I’m in K’s Hostel at the moment. A very good place,., but this is the first hostel I’ve been to. Its like… Living with 50 other people. A weird experience, but not unwelcome. Good hostel though, its ranked the highest in Asia. Much cleaner than I expected.

I had some second thoughts about the trip. At one point, I wanted to cut the trip in half, because the exchange rate is too poor. Everything basically costs twice as much. But it seems everyone else is adamant to go through the entire month. Everyone we’ve talked to has said that an entire month in Japan is very long.

This is a picture of the ‘lobby’ of K’s. There’s a bunch of people here as well.

A Japanese train. Speedy yet bumpy.