December 19, 2008
japan asia

Melon bread! This stuff is really good. I’ve bought like 5 already. Its custard centre is rockmelon flavoured. The outer green bit is flavoured too!

Here are some photos of Asakusa. Its about 10 or 20 minutes walk from here. The giant senso-ji temple is here. They put raincoats on the mascots outside the building when it rains! The other day they put santa costumes on them too. Nice to know someone cares about them.
I’ve found what must be the smallest door in Japan!
Ahh, Asianican hard marching band. Wait, what the hell is Asianican? American/Asians? Or just Asians with bad Engrish? I will never know.
The temple! Its pretty big too. The lantern I mean. Today was the hagoita festival. It These are hagoite. Some paddle thing that blows away bad spirits in preparation for the new year. The fancy ones can cost about 1000AUD. Use with caution. Sesame bun! Tastes like batter, bean paste and sesame.
Ahh putting incense into the thingo. It does something cool. That’s about all I know. You might guess that I’m not a very strong buddhist.

Gasp! 77! My lucky number twice! How can a fortune with such a number be bad? But alas, it was probably the worst possible fortune. Blending in with the locals.
By disappearing! Monks are behind the screen, doing their resonant hums.
Fugu! Blowfish for those of you who don’t know. I don’t see any disclaimers or anything regarding being poisoned by the blowfish though. They must be really confident.
Cool plastic fork suspended spaghetti thing.
A department store in Asakusa. High tech bathroom scales! Super comfy msasage chairs! I didn’t test it though. Looks comfy.
Mitsuya cider. I found the Sprite counterpart in Japan! I can now drink lots of it.
Mos Burger! The Japanese McDonalds equivalent. Pretty cool, but the burgers were small, and not cost effective.
Bikes are big in Japan. Most bikes aren’t locked either. There are too many bikes for thieves to handle anyway, as you can see in the photo above.
Lots of Salonpas products here. Lots of types. Better selection than back home.