Melbourne 2009 MLX Part 2

November 28, 2009
melbourne australia

I’m alive!

After getting a place to sleep in, I felt the lovely, lovely embrace of a bed. Quite a lot has happened in the past few days. Thursday night was the first Lindy event that I attended. It was great fun! The only problem was that there was actually zero space. Kept bumping into people. Not to mention that due to the lack of space, there wasn’t enough oxygen to go around. I think I was dancing on a carbon dioxide filled room! No worries though, I (among most of the others) regularly ran outside to gasp desperately for air before returning to the dance floor. So this is what clubbing must be like.

I dropped by my grandparents place to visit. As usual, I had splatterings of great food as well as

The ball night was last night (in Fitzroy). I have no photos of my dashingly handsome self unfortuately. It was one of my better looking nights too! Ah well. There was a performance by the Swing Patrol team. I met up with my Aunty, who is an avid Ballroomer/Rock and roll dancer. She went home an hour early though, so I’m not sure if its because she really didn’t enjoy it or because her partner didn’t (latter is highly probable, he was a bit of a douche).

There was an afterball (in Richmond). Exciting stuff as usual. Abit more spacey. One of the dance rooms had the DJ playing hiphop/rnb for some reason. Strangely alien to dance to, but still satisfying in a way. Got home at about 3am.

Woke up at about 11am. Been just lounging around the hostel until now. The next lindy event is at 3pm. There will be subsequent events until early next morning I think. Hopefully I’ll do a better job this time, I had to retire early the night before because my legs weren’t being very agreeable with me!

N.B. Photos aren’t available, because the camera took enormous 2mb photos. I need to wait until I can get my hands on some image editing software or something so I can resize them to a more workable size.