Disneyland part 2

December 1, 2008
california america

Just returned from Disneyland for the second day.Went to California Venture, the theme parks other half. It wasn’t as good but still had its moments. We went on almost every rollercoaster there, California Screamin’ being one of them. It was pretty cool! The sixth largest rollercoaster in the world I think. (2nd largest in the US, highest and longest upside portion in the world)

Watched the Disney show thing as well as went to the rides I couldn’t before. I couldn’t get any photos today because I left the XD card at home. Regardless, in conclusion after these past few days I can conclude that Disneyland is alot more than just the photos with Disney characters that everone seems to do. The rides are extremely well designed, polished and their MASSIVE budget shows.

The Disney show at the end for instance, is a fireworks extravaganza. Apparently it runs every night, at odds with the preference of people that live close by at Anaheim because of the massive pollution it causes. In addition to this, there are huge fountains which have video projected onto them, creating a floating 3d effect. There were boats, more fireworks, dragon puppet things, boats and fireworks.