Disneyland photos

November 30, 2008
california america

Just came back from Disneyland. Legs hurt like hell after walking… not far at all. I suppose my legs still aren’t well made for walking around. Regardless it was better than I expected!

We dropped by the 7-11 convenience store on the way there. Beer is amazingly cheap!

…And sports drinks bottles are about 2x fatter than the ones in Australia. The Americans must need a lot of hydration.

Here are some random photos from Disneyland. Interestingly Disneyland seems to use an enormous amount of power. There are lights EVERYWHERE. Its insane. They also constantly have massive shows consisting of fireworks every night.

We also spotted the infamous Disney “Secret” Police, wearing all black and long trenchcoats. They are apparently known for their harsh treatment of do’ers, usually both evil and good.

Victor in front of a VERY bright castle, not noticeable due to the distance.

More lights!

C-3PO at the Star Tours ride. It was a simulation car thing which swerves and sways with the video. Well and good except for the horrible motion sickness… According to Alas. I didn’t notice too much motion sickness.

Another enormous castle thing with way too many lights with an innocent bystander forced to take a photo of us. Notice Steven’s bling.

Nice to know that Americans follow obvious rules. Or not. Don’t underestimate mother mob mentality I suppose.

Light spam.

An American dinner. Lotsa meat.

An alternative American dinner. Lotsa vegies with lotsa meat.