Flight to Japan

November 30, 2008
japan asia

On a plane with Victor, in the EXIT ROW!!! Quite spacy, with lots of leg room too. Hopefully for the next flight we’ll be on exit row as well, but I chose the squishy window seat instead, so I doubt I’ll get it.

Terrible night, hard to sleep. Had some red wine and scotch… on the rocks. Classy, but for someone with my nonexistent alcohol tolerance it overwhelms far too much.

Food was alright, by airplane standards. I look forward to surviving on the poor food we’ll no doubt by consuming over the coming 5 weeks.Annoying guy in front me keeps bringing his seat down, attempting to crush my laptop. Almost succeeded the first time when he caught me off guard. Luckily I have adopted a reflex action pushing him back when he does so.

The movie that played on the plane was the X-Files. Not being a fan, I just pulled out my EEE and watched Terminator and House. Entertaining, but I was a little tired. 28% battery remaining, about 1 hour. Hopefully I can recharge it on my special seat in the American Airlines flight.

1 hour until arrival at Narita airport. I’ll upload this when I get the chance I suppose. With luck the USA trip will be uneventful, and we come out unscathed in the dangers of America.