Japanese trains

December 14, 2008
japan asia

I’m really impressed with the Japanese train system. It goes absolutely EVERYWHERE! A lot of people that I know don’t even bother having cars, and just take the train everywhere. The cost is slightly higher than public transport usage in Perth, but you gotta pay for superiority.The main problem? The trains are so good, EVERYONE uses them. I took at train at peak hour to goto train at the Aunkai (an incredible martial art that requires another post on its own).

My precious personal space was gonna as I was crammed into the train with the locals as you can see. Here is the train station during peak hour. Note this is Ikebukuro, so not that full compared to other ones. But this level of activity does not die down until several hours later.

Peak hour generally runs from about 7pm to 9pm. There’s also a mad rush for the last train at midnight. You see people so overworked they stumbling around. You think they are drunk at first until you realise they’re actually so tired they are falling asleep while standing up! Crazy. One of the sleepy dudes was doing this fearsome zombie walk up the stairs as he kept falling asleep on each step.