December 19, 2008
japan asia

Went to Odaiba some on Tuesday. It was mostly the Museum of Innovation and Technology we wanted to check out. For the robots and cool stuff. But to our surprise, they decided to close on Tuesdays! So we decided to just head to Sega Joypolis instead. Its an indoor theme park of games and stuff. Pretty cool, but doesn’t beat a proper theme park.

Odaiba is an artificial island (similar to the one in Dubai), built by the Japanese government during the economic boom some decade or two ago. Apparently they pulled out of the project since the recession and have left it since. The place is sprawling with awesome architecture and stuff, but the place itself is a ghost town! They must be running at a huge loss. Not only that, most of the showrooms and demos in the technology buildings aren’t running. Nothing is on. Its as if they didn’t have enough funding to put stuff on. There may be one or two people in the lobby, with almost no activity, no people going in or out. Its quite disappointing really.Asakusa was the temple I mentioned earlier. There were some other tidbits too. Here be some photos of the past few days. Some fancy bridge.
Almost every food store has all the demo plastic food in front. This was the most impressive.
Joypolis! Lots of joy to be found here.

Cat land! There is a dog land just down the road as well. And a dog cafe, where everyone brings in a dog and shares dog stories about dogs. Apparently dogs are the big thing in Japan actually. I think Alastair said there is one dog per person in Tokyo.
Ahh the Tokyo teleport station. If only. I guess they never finished the research for it. The bears be crying for some reason! The description suggests its something to do with global warming, but I know its because Odaiba is being neglected by humans.
A fake statue of liberty watches over the fake island.
Sweet architecture.
More architecture. Noone here though.
A sculpture! Very artistic and meaningful. It says something about how abstract art is pointless. Miraikan! This was our destination today, but it was closed. Maybe because they aren’t getting any visitors.

Inside some fancy building with cool architecture.
Its a spaceship! Bridge in night action.
We’re in Sega Joypolis now. A walking game! Its not on for some reason. Budget cuts maybe? Or maybe the tourists are too fat/unfit to try the game.
Stirfry game! I can master my cooking.
Snowboarding ride. Very nauseating, but also very fun.
You gotta funteract, bitch! … I have no idea what funteracting is. According to the picture, its stomping on the ground, or dancing. A punching machine! I’m kindof annoyed actually, the dude before me got like 300Kgw. So I kicked the last one. I’m going to assume that my kick was so powerful that the machine didn’t know what to do and gave me 0. Rather than it being so weak the machine didn’t even feel it.
Some random car in the street. Hazard lights are on and keys are still in the ignition. You see this alot in Japan.
LED tree! Just like the real christmas!
Polystyrene blocks cut out and sprinkled to look like sand, and paper leaves. Pretty ingenious with the imitations really.