Osaka 2

December 28, 2008
japan asia

Greetings all! Nice to have wifi at Osaka. We went out today, only 3 of us because the others were too busy sleeping. I managed to buy some clothes (!). I got a jacket thats waaay too small for me, so I’ll have to slim down when I get back from japan. I also got a sweet watch thats sortof transparent so you can see the innards. Also got some manga to practice Japanese with (Death Note, Trigun and Haruhi Suzumiya).

Osaka is pretty good. Its basically Tokyo but smaller and dirtier. And noone dyes their hair here for some reason. Its a nice change from Tokyo, the City of Bleached Hair. Everything is cheaper too! Food, drinks, clothes are all cheaper. The famed Osakan dialect I have not had a chance to hear yet. Everyone seems to speak normal Japanese. Unless the Osaka-ben bit is in the part of the sentence that I can’t understand (which is usually 90% of what they’re saying).Only about 7 days remaining on my looong holiday. Good fun though, I know where I’ll want to go and how long if I ever return here.