Photos from a few days ago

December 24, 2008
japan asia

I’ve been getting lazy uploading photos onto here, mostly because its such a poorly designed system. I’m disappointed in you Google! These photos are of our last few days in Tokyo. We went to Roppongi and Jump Festa. Roppongi was a really seedy red light district. There are lots of Nigerian hustlers on the streets (more annoying than the Mexican ones in Las Vegas actually). We went to a club called Gas Panic. Not that great, since it was a Thursday night noone was there. Plus I had way too much to drink I think. I was stumbling around abit. I miscalculated the rum, because I never drink it. Apparently I had about 8 shots worth. It wasn’t very pleasant so I won’t be doing that again lol. Jump Festa is a huge anime convention. Awesome stuff.

There’s me, obviously under the influence.

At Gas Panic. Steven’s face showing how he’s having a great time as usual.

New year big bell thing

This is when I was training with Rob from the Aunkai. We ran into a film crew filming some sappy Japanese drama in a park. I should’ve ran past or something. It must’ve been low budget since I managed to get so close.

We’re off the Jump Festa!!! This is some weird creature thing promoting it. There is a guy behind it constantly holding up the head because it was so heavy. We met up with Michael’s group for Jump Festa.
This is a set meal from Lotteria, the McDonalds of Japan (in addition to Mos Burger).

This is the entrance into Jump Festa. The line was INSANELY long. This is just outside too. There’s a massive winding line into the building. Not only that, there was a red entrance and a blue entrance. We didn’t understand the Japanese so we walked into the red one. This was the line. The Blue entrance had no line. We found out that this red entrance was for purchasing merchandise, and the blue was for just going through the convention. We wanted to take the blue entrance, but it was too late…
For each 100 or 200 people that comes in, someone throws a bar down and herds the people into a different pen. There were SO many people here. I’ll put a video up once I can be bothered compressing it.

Dragonball Z movie playing. I have no idea why they still play this stuff, and why there’s still such a large audience.

Bleach stand. These girls hand out PSPs for the audience to try out the new upcoming Bleach game.

I managed to find an entire family, masked. Awesome! Either they’re all sick, or they’re scared of catching geek germs from the convention.

Bleach cardboard cutouts! Take photos with your heroes! I was wondering why they were handing out random stickers. It seems that you’re meant to paint this picture by sticking lots of mini stickers onto it. Cool concept.

As well as a large enough number to have a 1 to 1 conversation with interested guests…

Cool massive monument they made. Big budget convention! More girls from before. Not sure what game it is. This is at the conclusion of Jump Festa at the train station. It was insanely packed but I managed to get out alive.
The train back.
If you see the blue sign, its Hisamitsu! Very cool brand that saved my life many times with their precious precious Salonpas.
Weird monument thing in the middle of the road. Its a cannon thing on top of a pyramid. I have no idea what it does.
We ate okonomiyaki with Michael’s group. It was quite tasty. Fun to make too.
Here is the nearby public outside the Okonomiyaki. The weird thing? The urinals can be seen across the road. I was at that urinal a sec ago, and you could see me standing right there at the window thing.

A dude taking a nap on the train. Doesn’t look very comfy.