Photos in Narita airport and LA

November 30, 2008
japan asia

Here are some photos I took initially.

…Real men take photos AFTER they finish their food.

First impressions in Japan? Interesting bathrooms (or lavatories, as the Americans call it). Every single toilet (well all the male ones as far as I know of course) have little baby seats, so you can stare at the baby while taking a dump I suppose.

Ahh an advanced toilet. What do these instructions lead to?

A bum spray! Providing a refreshing clean after you’ve done your business. Hot water comes out immediately too!

Water pressure can be set too for those tight-asses (hmm).

And keeping it nice and pleasant to smell too. Always important when you are in Japan I suppose.

A thermostat enabled sink! Took many ages to work out how to turn it on. It seems they have an infrared sensor so the sink automatically turns on when you put your hand underneath.

A really long horizontal escalator for the several short legged asians that need to get past the airport terminal quickly.

Crazily organised recycling bins. We have plastic bottles, glass bottles, food, newspaper and can compartments for recycling. Apparently it makes it much more efficient.

…My first run in with Engrish.

Incredibly annoying Japanese keyboard. Note the spacebar which is absolutely tiny!

Notice Steven checking his pulse. His blood must have been pumping super fast from the excitement maybe?

Japanese vending machines. Takes coins and notes with weird looking drinks. You can also buy travel insurance from the vending machines as well.

Victor testing out some headphones. Seems the headphones aren’t designed for insanely tall people like him. Note the security cord keeping his head down.

Some advanced rice cookers.

Here is the most advanced one at about 150 bucks. It won an award or something. I didn’t think rice cookers were so high profile. A mini kettle is there too. Could be handy for my trip.