Photos of Las Vegas

December 6, 2008
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Photos from Las Vegas! We went to Hollywood after Las Vegas and I have to admit it was very underwhelming. I think its because I just came from a massive high class extravagant casino resort, and Hollywood was just a normal city. Las Vegas has several large buildings on the strip (a road housing all the big casinos), each with there own theme. For instance, there is the Tropicana (tropical theme), Caesar’s Palace (roman theme), Excalibur (medieval theme), Paris (french theme) etc. Very interesting. This is the Rainforest Cafe inside MGM. Yes, the entire wall and ceilings are covered in a rainforest theme. Not only that, there are robotic alligators, monkeys and panthers. There’s also smoke wafting from the edges of the cafe.

MGM. Massive sign. Also note the minature statue of liberty and many bright lights. There’s also a mini eiffel tower and mini Brooklyn Bridge. Insane budget! Oh yeah, one of the casinos also has a moat that has boats that take you for tours around the building. The New York New York building also has a rollercoaster that goes around it.

Inside MGM is a Lion habitat as well. Lions just lounging around in an enclosed area near the entrance. The Mirage hotel also has super rare white tigers doing the same important thing.

The Excalibur. Massive hulking castle casino thing. Another view.
Inside of one of the casinos. My only photo of it, since apparently you aren’t meant to take photos inside. Fatburger is one of the shops on “The Strip”, which is the single road that houses all the massive buildings. The name Fatburger really enticed me, but I’m too scared to go in since I have no idea what to expect. I think this is Caesar’s Palace. A massive roman building. These guys have way too much money! Inside Caesar’s Palace. This is just the lobby. A miniature Eiffel Tower. No idea why they bothered, except to cater to the Paris Hilton hotel theme.

The Bellagio. This is probably the coolest building. They have huge fountain shows where jets of water move in unison, often shooting skyward as high as the Bellagio itself. Fountain thing in action.[](/images/2010/10/dscf0002.jpg)[](/images/2010/10/dscf0002.jpg) In front of Bellagio before the fountains start. Alastair’s 21st Birthday. Melvin didn’t come. Just went to a bar in one of the casinos.We went to Madame Tussaud’s wax museum. Pretty interesting. Taking on boxers with ease.
No idea who this is. Penelope something.[](/images/2010/10/dscf0012.jpg) Bring it on, Rock! Sirens of Treasure Island Casino. A boat of scantily clad women and a boat of scantily clad men duke it out. Outside. In the freezing cold.

There was huge fireworks, explosions and flamethrowers during the show.

We stayed at Luxor hotel. It’s that massive glass pyramid building thing. At night it shoots a huge spotlight into the sky. Because it can.

SUV limosines! Random shot..