Ueno park

December 9, 2008
japan asia

After an hour of travelling on foot, we managed to reach the Ueno Park. Pretty cool. There was a buddhist shrine there!Here are some photos I took before we left. Cold and raining today. Chilling… This was taken from the rooftop of where I’m staying. A cemetary is so close by! A wall has been erected around the cemetary to scare people walking around it I suppose.

Not only that, here is a picture of the elevator. They’re even more cramped than Japanese rooms. It can hold up to 4 people, 300 kg max. I’m holding the camera on the side of the elevator, so yes, it really is that small.
A temple at Ueno park. Some monks were inside idling by. Probably waiting for clueless tourists or something.
The actual graveyard.
This is closer up to the temple. You are apparently meant to write your wishes on the paper things and put them up with the others. Apparently a supernatural power will grant said wishes.
Trees are held up with bamboo pole things. Looks cool.

The cherry tree here is bandaged up for some reason. I have no idea why. Maybe it was hurt.
Peak hour in Ueno.
The local fish market! Well I call it a fish market but its a market of all sorts of other stuff as well (including lots of fish). The markets seems to consist of people shouting at passers by.
Another view of the market.
Crazy little mushroom things.