We made it in Osaka

December 27, 2008
japan asia

Ahh made it to Osaka. It was a 7 hour bus ride! The stupid driver kept accelerating and decelerating as well, so I’ve got really bad motion sickness. I really wanted to take the bullet train instead, but Alas and the others wanted to save money. On the way back to Tokyo I’ll probably take the bullet train, because that bus ride was awful.

Upon arriving, we got lost as usual. We managed to find the place eventually though, so its all good. There were three methods. Alas wanted to use wifi, look at maps. Russell wanted to walk around the 7-chome area that we found (the hostel is definitely in there). I wanted to ask people where it was. Luckily the station staff knew exactly where to go, so my group managed to find it first =)Anyway we’re here in Osaka at Melvin’s behest, and he also believes he knows the places to go and how to get there. Due to knowing an Osakan girl. No evidence of this proposed tour yet, but I’m sure he’s gonna have his moment soon.We’re gonna go grab dinner now.