Melbourne 2009 MLX Part 4

December 1, 2009
melbourne australia

Went shopping today. South Yarra. Found one specific shop with a huge sale on, and so I  bought only stuff from that shop. I’m going to return to it today. Hopefully I won’t turn into a walking advertisement of said shop (CM’s). But the sale can’t be beat. Rawr!

Went back to hostel for more sleep.

Met with Hang, my cousin, and her boyfried Jules for dinner. We ate at an Indian restaurant at my behest, and it was relatively good. Could’ve been better though. It was still fun to talk to them.

Last day of holiday. I’m going to go back to CM’s to take all the clothing off the shelves =P. Also going to meet my Aunty for lunch and for stuff she wants to send to Perth. Hopefully it won’t be too heavy, my luggage is feeling sortof bloated recently. There aren’t any scales here so I can’t check!

My flight departs tonight at 10:15pm. And then back to work tomorrow! =D