Last day.

January 6, 2009
japan asia

Ahh I’ve finally made it home! It was quite a stressful journey back but at least I got here in one piece I suppose. I’ll offload these final photos for you all to enjoy. Sorry for not updating often enough, but it really can’t be helped if there is poor wifi. 

Japan was a great place to be. Tokyo is absolutely jam packed with people, but you can always find something to do. Shopping is good, gaming is good, food is good. Living standards are reasonably high for a place that is so full of people. Its unfortunate that the exchange rate is so bad though. Things in Japan aren’t cheap in the first place, and it just makes it harder. Regardless I managed to keep my budget and have a good time. I’ll definitely be returning here soon.

Its the golden pavilion! Kinkakuji.
Quite an impressive building. Seems awfully flashy though.
Nice sculpture thing. It doesn’t really do anything though.
A cup noodle vending machine! I have a feeling these are the original first ever cup noodles too. So I didn’t eat any, in case the noodles have been fermenting for the past 50 years or something.
At some places you buy tickets for your food before going to the counter. More efficient.
Dunno why I took a photo of this.

Nice view at Ryoenji or whatever its called.
We went the opposite way. Only pansies take the ‘usual route’.
We ended up running into someones house on the temple grounds by taking the non usual route.

A random traditional room.
The rock garden! It was quite nice to sit there and stare at actually. Apparently you’re meant to let your imagination create the garden. How very zen. I would’ve sat there longer if I wasn’t about to freeze to death.
Its cheaper to use moss instead of grass dontcherknow!
It looks just like the 5 yen coin! Must be some mysterious connection regarding this…water well thing.
An expensive car is perched inside the temple grounds inconspicuously. Probably paid for by the exorbitant entry fees. I’m surprised the temples even have fees.
Traditional buddhist shrine. As in REALLY traditional. This is indian level buddhism here.
Trees with branches cut off to leave only the vertical trunk.
This is outside the youth hostel for the last time. We’re free of the leader’s cult!
Ahh Crispina. A great ice cream. Wish I can have more Crispina.
This is a little statue at the front of the Kyoto hostel. I have no idea what the hell that creature is. Some blob demon?
We had one last chance of vandalism, so we took it.
Lots of signage everywhere in multiple languages to help people get around. You WILL get lost in one of these stations eventually, guaranteed.
Traditional houses. 
I found a specialty eel shop! This was on the last day unfortunately, but damn I love eel. It was so very rare to find cool eel shops.
Here’s my eel meal. Itadakimasu!
Open source cafeteria… hmmm…
Seems pretty authentic. I didn’t end up going in though. Scared of seeing what’s inside.
Pepper steak for lunch on the last day. This was REALLY good. I wish I had found this place earlier!