Melbourne 2009 MLX Part 1

November 26, 2009
melbourne australia

Greetings fellows! You may or may not read this blog but hey, perhaps its useful 50 years down the track when I pull out my creaking Intel i7 with a pathetic 16gb of ram to show my grandchildren how WE typed things back in the day.

My train of thought is relatively meandering at the moment perhaps due to lack of sleep. I touched down in Melbourne for the Melbourne Lindyhop Exchange (MLX). I’ve become an avid swing dancer over the past 8 months or so. Anyway I arrived at 2am, but realised that I booked for the wrong day! Blargh! I had nowhere to sleep. The hostel guy was being abit of an idiot and said I wasn’t allowed to stay on the premises since there were only school kids there for the night. So I just sat at a cafe for 5 hours then made my way to the city centre. It was raining alot too, something I forgot to include in my calculations of a happy fun time in Melbourne.

I took a pic of the massively bustling streets of Melbourne at 4am. It consisted of about 1 person. I’ll post it up later.