New Years photos

January 4, 2009
japan asia

Photos from Kyoto! The most beautiful city in Japan apparently. It was quite nice, but there wasn’t that much to do. I just got back from Tokyo in the bullet train too. Very cool. Its like a plane… that never takes off.  This is the hostel we stayed it. It was really creepy actually. As you can see its too clean. Much too clean. The front desk has this creepy receptionist dude who has a fake smile on all the time. There’s a statement about peace and love on the front desk. It all reminds me of some weird cult from the Simpsons with “The Leader”.
Goku! Luffy! What have they done to you!
This was a river in the middle of Kyoto city. Apparently its very beautiful but to be honest it looks too swampy for me. At least the houses look like they have a lot of history. It one of the bloodiest places during the Meiji civil war or something after all.
Hummvee. Playing Apple Bottom Jeans at full blast. Very weird. Actually I’ve seen many things here in Japan that are so weird you’d never see it at home. I’ve seen an entire family of punks (father, wife and toddler daughter) with mohawks and everything. I’ve also seen a little girl chain smoking with her parents. But I haven’t been noticing them recently. I think its because I’ve become desensitised to the craziness.
Ahh a traditional… vending machine! Nice and wooden.
Shinto ceremony preparations for the Okera Mairi festival (coincides with new years eve). All the priests lay out those wooden sticks in formation and then light it up the night.
Cute miko at the good luck shinto amulet stand thing.
The fire thing I mentioned before on fire. You’re meant to light a slow burning rope (laced with some sort of medicine) and keep spinning it for good luck.
This is some weird food they were serving during the new years festival. Quite tasty, but in a weird way.
Ahh I have my own overpriced burning rope.
Lanterns are alight for the festival.
This giant bell was rung 108 times by the monks of the temple. This is done before the new year to wash away the 108 buddhist sins or something.
Fancy gate.
Fancy gate.
There were like 2000 people lining up to pray at the temple. I had to wait about 40 minutes in line =/