Osaka photos

January 2, 2009
japan asia

Gotta lay off my photos sooner rather than later, or else noone will look at them after I return! These crazy no smoking signs are everywhere, and each one is different with crazy engrish. I found about 10 of them overall I think. They are very confusing, and sound like riddles.
Evangelion drink! It  just happened to be apple juice unfortunately. Damn you Rei!
In Japan, you wash the public toilets!
I’m not sure why this place is called blow home. Maybe its a good luck thing.
I have goo hair.
Skyline GTR! I notice the people in Japan have REALLY nice cars. I see BMWs, Lexuses (Lexi? Lexaes?) etc everywhere. Its either those or crappy Kei cars, with no middle ground.
No pah king! When you gotta park, you gotta park I guess.
In Japan, everything is smaller and more efficient. But sometimes it just leaves you wanting more. Like this damn nibble sized oreo.
Chinese knockoffs in Japan!
Shabu shabu! It was tasty. Basically theres a boiled pot of water and you add crap to it to cook the meat. Good stuff.
Me playing pachinko. Gambling and funneling money to our overlords as all of us do.
This guy was pro at beatmania. But what separates him? His AWESOME stance. I mean, when you gotta stand over two player positions to be awesome at a game (tight jeans notwithstanding), it makes you more so.
Tenshinsuji or something. Its the longest shopping arcade in Japan, or the world. Can’t remember which. I think it was about 2.3km or something.
No space in Japan to goto a real track  and bet on real horses. So just make them all virtual!
Really nice ramen.
I found some more collectible public ashtrays! Crazy information. Must follow the riddles/clues…
These pants I have been searching the entire city for and finally found them. It has a cool strap design. The problem? Those pants you see me wearing there aren’t baggy at all. Thats my entire leg and just putting them on creates enormous pressure on my legs. Damn for training a kicking martial art for too long. This is large size too! The bastards ran  out of extra large size so I left emptyhanded…. grr…
This cafe in the department store was 100% female for some reason. I have no idea why (there were no signs forbidding men) so we were too scared to go in.

Really nice food we had at Osaka. The chicken was unusually tasty. I suspect it was Chinese food, or laced with MSG. 
Shopping people for white people? Mostly Japanese in there, so I suppose not =P
Best shoe store name. Ever.
Ahh so that’s how the ladies carriage works. This was in Osaka so I guess the idea spread from Tokyo. Damn those chikan.