Snowboard pictures

January 2, 2009
japan asia


Hi all, Sorry for not updating many pics lately. The internet is very poor here and its difficult to write words, let alone upload pictures with this poor system. I’ll get some videos of me stacking it later.These pics are of snowboarding last week. It was really fun, yet painful. It wasn’t that cold either, because you work out alot while snowboarding. However when you head inside the rest house to take a break you start becoming super cold as your body temperature goes down from resting. Me posing.

Again, but badly.
We’re at the bus stop before heading up the mountain.
This is on the gondola up the mountain. Nice view.
I finally discovered the mega mac! Its on top of a mountain at that, and is no where to be found in Tokyo or Osaka. A rare find. It wasn’t very pleasant though, basically a big mac with 4 meat patties. Christmas dinner! I made the fried rice. It was okay, but  needed another day to  dry out. Good enough I suppose. Chirstmas feast celebration! It was my first snowing christmas. Japanese beer is very tasteless. Just the way I like it. After a day of heavy snow during Christmas. The snow was soft and powdery so it didnt hurt so much when you fell over.
Ran into the Nagano sign for the winter olympics after leaving Hakuba.