1st Day in Hong Kong

December 12, 2010
hongkong asia

Well we’ve finally made it to the tiger of Asia. One of the four anyway, and what do you know, the tiger is the dirtiest of the bunch!


Upon arrival to the airport, we hopped into the closest taxi. The taxis are colour coded, depending on how far they travel, which is a pretty neat touch. After we hopped in I want to say the taxi drove off, but it was more like BLASTED off. Approaching warp speed but not quite. I was trying to work out where I was but the buildings were all rushing past at the speed of sound. The over enthusiastic taxi driver was highbeaming everyone, beeping, overtaking, speeding, not indicating, everything you could possibly imagine. We just happened to pick a bad choice for a driver I think because the other taxi drivers and cars were driving quite normally. Except another taxi driver which we drove by and our driver must’ve looked at him a little too suspiciously. I say this because just a moment later both taxis were racing down the freeway, swerving in and out in a bid to out testosterone each other. I was quite frightened, and poor Steph in the corner was looking like a deer in headlights, except this time the deer is in the car. Or whatever. Anyway we got there in one piece.

One thing to note, however, is that the taxis seem to be charged on a time basis instead of distance. Because of this its pretty sweet to be rocketing to our location because we’ll save money this way. Another surprising thing is that the driver didn’t seem to be fazed AT ALL. He was just sitting there calmly blowing past every other automobile in the city.

Due to our budgetary constraints we had to stay in the cheaper/cheapest hostels available in the area. It was quite a hole/slum to be generous. We stopped outside the ‘Mirador Mansion’ which was only a mansion by name. It was more of a high rise apartment building housing gangsters, murderers and possibly even software pirates!

After being lost on the 13th level for awhile, passing butcheries, homes, other hostels  and loud Chinese people we finally came to our destination. After the shock of the slum we were in we were pleasantly surprised to find that the hostel corridor was quite decent looking. With actual paint on the walls and working doors and stuff. After checking in, however, the Indian girl led us AWAY from that lovely looking place and into a more suitable hovel. It was smaller than my room in Boddington! Pictures will come soon.