5th and 6th Day in Hong Kong

December 16, 2010
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5th Day

Late update, which is usually what happens when I type too much in too short a time. I guess I’m not cut out to be a writer/blogger.

KFC! We ate rice mushroom and flava crava. Some sort of batterless chicken, which ruins the purpose of KFC, also known as Krunchy FRIED Chicken. At least there was rice. No chips are available in HK KFC, instead they have some sort of monstrous fried basketweave.

The most interesting, yet horrifying thing about KFC in HK is the disgusting environment the toilets were in. I was about to puke, which is quite a statement considering my strong stomach. This is not including Steph, who is a germaphobe in the first place, and had to back out of the stairs initially, before dashing up. Actually even dashing up is difficult because the stairs were covered in slippery grime and mould. The smell was hideous and putrid. I get shivers just thinking about it. After our toilet break, Steph had to rewash everything outside the bathroom. Strange that, the KFC toilets are so disgusting they actually provide another sink outside it. Theres a single pic in the link.

This happened in Mong Kok by the way. It is a shopping district (like the rest of Hong Kong) tailored towards women. I, however, found great joy in the stationary shop like a woman. We spent many an hour in the many levels of the stationary shop and spent more money than we have spent elsewhere yet. Over 1000HKD.

Interestingly, shops in Hong Kong (in Mong Kok anyway) were not open until about 11am. This is a little silly for a city that never sleeps. They just sleep late. Many shops open late and close late. Not quite as great as extended trading hours, but it’ll do.

We went to G2000 and got lots of nice things. G2000 is a store which sells extremely high end stuff for mid range prices. So I’d get a pair of jeans for about 50AUD but in Australia they’d cost over 150AUD. Steph got some work clothes and I got some jeans as mentioned. We spent quite a lot. So much, in fact, that the staff started clapping as we were leaving the store for some reason. I guess they were either very happy, impressed, or pitying us for spending so much. The  cashier fellow even gave a Neo-esque “woah” when we brought all our stuff to the counter. But it wasn’t that much to be honest, only about 6 items of clothing. My shopping spree in Melbourne was like 15 items.

Steph fell ill this day. Still sick today. Cold symptoms which have gotten worse over the day. May have to go and see the doctor when we touch down in Singapore. Its pointless doing it here, because we have issues with the language. Hell, I was trying to buy salt in three different languages (Vietnamese, English, Japanese) to no success.

Swing Dancing in evening. I (with great guilt) left Steph behind to fend for herself against the dangers of Hong Kong. I got kinda lost on the way. I had to trek about 30 minutes uphill in rainy weather in the Hong Kong CBD. Went into super high class foreigner diplomat establishment. Dirty wet backpacker hanging out with tailored suited businessmen. But it was the wrong place, then I found it next door after a lot of talking. Met lots of people there, was fun. Lots of Hong Kong born Americans, and ABCs. LBCs too (London). They were impressed with my dancing. Dancing is a good way to meet people overseas!

6th Day

Steph is super sick today. I got her breakfast and lunch to eat in bed. We went out for dinner though, had a lovely dinner in the form of suckling pig and roast goose. Goose is SO much better than duck, because it is duck with more meat. Steph doesn’t like it much because the meat is tougher. This was my first time trying suckling  pig and was very impressed. I would like to eat it back in Perth in the future.

Went back to Causeway Bay today to find Wanko, a clothing store which is named very cleverly!  We were there to find clothing for Steph’s mother. Not very successful though, the selection was very poor and limited. We were direct far away to the New Territories of Hong Kong. We may attempt to go there tomorrow if we are feeling adventurous.

Went to Starbucks. I had toffee nut coffee and it was damn good. Steph had Hibiscus Blend Tea, which was also quite nice from what I hear. Schoolgirls were there too, not sure why because they’re meant to be AT SCHOOL! But that is okay. Hong Kong school uniforms are similar to Japanese one’s for some reason.

We went to a ski shop and bought stuff in advance for skiing! I bought some neat goggles and gloves, Steph bought glove, mask thing and earmuffs. We are hopefully prepared for the devastating winter of Japan. Today in HongKong was much colder than normal for some reason. Just for today. But its not unbearable (for me anyway) at about 9 degrees celsius.

Came back to hostel as Steph was feeling really sick. I went to walk around Tsim Sha Tsui. I bought a new watch! Its a Tissot and it cost about 650AUD. It is a entry level swiss watch, and I think it looks great. Amazingly, the box is way cooler than the watch itself.

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