Fifth Day in Indonesia

July 1, 2010
indonesia asia


Batu! We went to Batu in the evening. 4 of us. Steph, myself, Valiant and their cousin.First stop was the Batu Secret Zoo (or whatever it is called).

This is a ‘zoo’, in the sense that there are wild animals on display. But these wild animals are actually all stuffed animals!  At each of the displays the animals are shown in their natural habitat, doing natural habitat things. They’re not moving though and are frozen in mid frame (since they’ve been stuffed and hardened or whatever). Kind of creepy and surreal but also cool!

Second stop was the Batu Spectacular Night, or BNS. BNS is a theme park of sorts, similar to the royal show or adventure world! Bumper cars first, which was normal. Aero ride next which was nauseating. There was a bit of adrenaline, but mostly dizzy. Go Karting was next which was really awesome fun.