Fourth day in Indoensia

June 30, 2010
indonesia asia

Decided to make some fancy drink stuff. The people here make awesome ice drinks, with really nice fruits and stuff. To make it ourselves, we decided to go grocery shopping. Took a terrifying becak ride (like normal) to the supermarket and to a coconut shop. Captured a video of the trip.

I took a photo of the guys chopping up the coconut. The people there were really surprised, asking why I was taking a photo. They probably mistook me for a local, which happens a lot. Everyone speaks to me in Indonesian here =P.

Steph got her hair treated to be silky smooth like some random people I know. Takes about 3 or 4 hours or something so its going to be a low activity day today. Ended up taking 5 and a half hours.Made a call back home. Nice to speak to Mum again =)