Second day in Indonesia

June 28, 2010
indonesia asia

Woke up at 930am. Went to dimsim with the oma and aunty and the others that were my age. Pretty neat place actually, most of the people eating were Chinese and most of the workers were Indonesian. It’s an interesting racial divide, especially considering the Chinese do so well even when they in the minority and do not have significant authoritative power!

The food at the dimsim place is pretty interesting. Food is decent but not as good as the top dimsim places in Perth (probably due to less usage of MSG). The servings were also tiny! I’d say the pork buns were over 2x smaller than the normal ones. Smaller than an egg. Saw some funky things on the menu like fried pigeon and stuff but apparently I’ll be eating that (plus other funky things like frogs) later on in the day so I didn’t order it when I was at the restaurant.

Oma joked that I should be learning Indonesian instead of her learning English because she has difficulty learning languages at her age. Interesting point. Reminds me when Dad told Steph she should learn Vietnamese =PWent shopping at the nearby mall. I got some neat shirts for 8AUD each and Steph bought some cute black thong/sandal things. Very cool mall. Didn’t even manage to explore the whole thing but was too tired and decided to go home.

Did some West Coast Swing dancing with Steph. Forgot my cool male to male headphone jack though, so had to make do with USB speakers and laptop instead of iPod/giant stereo system in the house.  Dancing was fun. Difficult though due to the intense humidity.Went to the pub to watch the world cup with Deo and Valiant. Did not specify the time I was meant to come back accurately enough. Steph was very worried because she thought I was going to be back earlier. Was scolded by her father. Created a poor impression, so hopefully will be able to mend the bridges in the future somehow.