Third day in Indonesia

June 29, 2010
indonesia asia

Decided to go for a facial for some reason. It’s a bit of a girly thing to do but I thought I might as well do all the things I wouldn’t normally do when I was back in Perth! It was very painful. Some facial cream stuff, massage, picking away at  my acne. Tears were coming down my face from the pain! Ah well, I’m sure it made me stronger in the end.

Went for lunch in a traditional place. Soto again! This is the third time I’ve had soto during my trip here. But it was REALLY good. Steph’s dad took us there by car. I had two bowls. Very impressed. Very flavoursome soup. There was also a neat fried beef skin with fried air bubbles or something inside. I forget the name of it. Apparently it is difficult/impossible to get in Australia so if I get the chance I want to buy some to bring home for my parents.

Travelled to the Dieng Plaza. It’s a mall of sorts, but not as good as the one I went to last time. Didn’t really do too much. Went to the arcade to play some games. Air hockey. Steph whacked the puck too hard and it flew off under another arcade machine so we left that. Some weird excavation simulation  game.Went to another place in Dieng. The Dieng club maybe? I can’t remember the name. It was pretty classy, it has a drop off point for taxis/private cars. There were swimming pools and other cool things to do. Ended up walking around for awhile and then playing some pool with Steph and Deo. Steph was much much better at pool than I expected! Especially since she says she  never plays and she hates the game. She almost beat me both times… -_-. After pool we played bowling. I was doing relatively well, but ended up getting a streak of 0 points about halfway through the game to the end. Steph had a streak of zero at the beginning of the game! I ended up doing the worst xD! My foot is the biggest size available too… size 10.

Returning from Dieng Club was difficult, because no taxis ever go to that area for some reason. It was a really high class place and the houses were gigantic! We were considering calling Steph’s dad to come and pick us up, but I opted otherwise. We decided to walk all the way down the hill to find a road where a taxi can be found. After walking many shacks, houses with roosters pecking away in front, dodgy ‘private taxi’ fellows, bridges, trash landfills, a beautiful valley of trees (that was used as a trash landfill) among other things, we finally came upon a taxi! In fact the taxi driver there was the dude that actually took us to the Dieng Club in the first place. An interesting coincidence indeed.

We returned to the facial place. It was meant to be the electroshock therapy or whatever it’s called. I like to call it ‘facial electrocution’! Apparently its meant to be so painful that they apply a cream anaesthetic to your face beforehand. But in the end it wasn’t so painful. The facial was much worse actually. The lady constantly picking at my acne and stabbing the nerves on my face tend to do that…

Whenever we went to that salon for the facial and stuff we used the ‘becak’. It’s similar to the cy lo (or whatever it’s called in Vietnamese). The dude rides a bicycle attached to a carriage in front of sorts. It’s probably slower than walking but it’s nice to do. Relaxing/romantic at times. During other times (turning into insane traffic, riding into the traffic on the road) it is absolutely terrifying. A character building experience, no doubt. I paid the fellow 10 000 rupiah and his face lit up immensely. Maybe I gave too much? Before the end of my trip, I’m going to try to give a needy fellow 50 000 rupiah (about 7AUD) to see what kind of reaction they will get. I feel a lot more sorry for the homeless/beggars here in Malang than in Perth because there’s no welfare/government assistance like back home.