Melbourne 2011 Day 1

January 1, 2012
melbourne australia

I’m back in Melbourne! I haven’t been here for about three years and its pretty much how I left it. The only problem is that the weather is much more annoying. Very hot. The sun burns! Hopefully we’ll have some more of Melbourne’s iconic dreary rain soon to cool things down.

Will be here for about 1.5 weeks.

Arrived here by way of Tiger Airways, which was pretty bad. Really uncomfortable seats. I still managed to sleep of course (being me), but I woke up with a painful neck.

Melbourne is three hours ahead! Crazy daylight savings. I stay up until 3am and its only midnight Perth time.

Walked around a lot for new years eve.Watched fireworks. Went for a few drinks. Got refused entry in most bars since most
of them  have private NYE functions. Went to Crown Casino for a little while as well. We also managed to make it to a bar named Eden. Korean owned, asians everywhere. Pretty cool place. Worst service ever. 30 mins to get a drink (they delivered to wrong table) this is even after complaining two or three times and they saying they’ll get right onto it.  Costly too. Good ambience.

Wasn’t too exciting, need more people, and better entry privileges.

Took great effort to get home as there were so many people on the trams. Ended up taking a tram, but the wrong one. Had to take another tram back and walk a lot. I suspect my feet are screwed. Have to get some new orthotics when I get home. No idea what happened to my old ones.