Vietnam Day Eight - Sunday - Nha Trang

December 4, 2011
vietnam asia

This morning we were picked up by the tour guide from Dalat to be driven to Nha Trang. woke up for breakfast, got packed and managed to get the waitress to cut yet anohter bunch of funky fruits. Ended up eating oranges. Vietnamese oranges have green skin!

The trip to Nha Trang took ages. It was a very windy road as well. 70 km I think. 3 hours? the original plan was to take a detour and visit some temple on the way but that trip would’ve taken SEVEN hours! Nooo way. We went straight to Nha Trang instead.

Steph was feeling very car sick during the drive there. The roads are bendy and lots of stop starts due to potholes.

We had lunch when we got there. The place was called momento homestay and it was actually really really cool! It has a swimming pool and nice natural looking scenary. There are about 4 dogs running around and lots of grassy areas, straw houses and stuff. We’re living in a bambooy house with mosquito nets to keep out the pests. We actually had the choice between this room and a more modern room but I chose this one because it seemed more traditional and interesting. Of course the traditionalism is a facade. There is a key card system to enable electricity, there is a digital TV receiver etc.

The dogs ate a lot of my scraps from lunch. Cool dogs. 3 little ones (chihuahua-ish) and 1 mop-like/scruffy dog. The lunch was good, reminds me of brown pork from back home except deep fried. Also had meat in some funky half bamboo trunk thing used as a plate.

We took a bike ride tour around the town. 10km ride! Probably the longest I’ve ever been. There are so many dogs in Nha Trang, I kept seeing them at every second or third house! Not that I have anything against dogs.

Long bike ride and sore ass later, we made it back to the homestay.

We had dinner. The fish was too bony.