Vietnam Day Five - Wednesday - Saigon

November 30, 2011
vietnam asia

Went to the Mekong river delta thingo where the floating markets are (near Cai Be). Took damn long to get there! 2.5 hours I think. I really liked how once we left the smog we were in a more peaceful countryside area. I loved how they actually used pushbikes (a favourite thing of mine to see after being in Japan).

Anyway the place was pretty destitute. Shacks and sheds everywhere. We bought nice bamboo hats, took a cruise to the rice paper making facility (and by facility I mean people slapping the things together), coconut candy factory (and by factory I mean people slapping the things together) and wine brewery (and by brewery I mean a big distillation system using questionable hygiene standards.

Took a row boat cruise back. The lady rowing the boat had a pretty high level of endurance, and seemed pretty poor. But then she whipped out a mobile phone! I remain confused.

Super long ride back again.