Vietnam Day Four - Tuesday - Saigon

November 29, 2011
vietnam asia

Went to the Cu Chi tunnels. Nice propagandery fun. Watched a video about how the evil americans shot women, children, ducks, chickens and cows (seriously). Also learnt about the brave Cu Chi villagers sneakily using the tunnel network and using spent munitions, bamboo spikes (these were pretty interesting in a macabre kind of way) and other sneaky tactics.

Going in the tunnel was pretty awesome. So small and apparently it has been widened for fat tourists like myself already!

Also saw a dude showing how they ambushed the evil americans by having a small hole dug in the ground, going in and covering the hole with a grass block. Pretty impressive.

Steph was feeling sick today. Sore throat. Bought her medicinen from the chemist with great efforts in speaking Vietnamese. My viet is much better now thanks to all of these necessary conversations I needed to have.

Went to local bar with our host. Steph had to stay at home due to illness. We went by way of motorbike! A very interesting experience. Had a few drinks in the bar. By bar I mean baby chairs and super short tables, sitting outside and eating peanuts and beer.