Vietnam Day Ten - Tuesday - Nha Trang

December 6, 2011
vietnam asia

We were still tired from the night before so we slept in pretty late today. Well to be exact, we ate dinner, went back to our room then slept some more.

For lunch we were walking around the main street looking for pho. This was pretty hard because most places don’t sell it here for some mysterious reason. I suppose it is because we were in a more tourist district which results in western or multicultural food (on the cheap). Regardless however, we managed to find a good spot that sold pho (it was called Salut Cafe). I ended up changing my mind and eating abalone instead because, what the hell, I’ve never had it before and normally it costs the earth. The abalone here was cheaper than the earth slightly at 6 ish dollars for about 8 pieces.

While tasty, the abalone is not worth the inflated price back home in my opinion. Its sort of like a chewy oyster. Very chewy. The large amounts of spring onions was what made it tasty for me. I’m a sucker for nice spring onions.

We went to the Nha Trang Central plaza after lunch. Its a very unusual place, I suspect it opened just recently. A large chunk of the centre is empty,

We headed straight to mud baths after the plaza! It was a little far and we thought the taxi driver was being a little dodgy. All ended up well though because we ended up at the right place and the GPS shows that we went a pretty direct route.

For dinner we went to a restaurant called Lanterns. Waitress forgot to put our order in so we ended up having to wait a very long time, about an hour.

We went to the bar from last night because apparently we left behind Steph’s hat. Long story short the hat was taken by another staff member in a drunken stupor and she lost it. Steph was upset about the lost hat. The girl (Russian) paid the loss of the hat at 500 000 VND but we checked later and price was actually 714 000 VND! At least we got something back.

Steph went to the nail art massage place thing.