Vietnam Day Three - Monday - Saigon

November 28, 2011
vietnam asia

This is probably the best day so far and for the rest of the trip.

Went to eat breakfast at Vincom Centre. This was a little bit of a failure because for some mysterious reason the centre opens at 9am but the restaurants themselves open at 10am! That’s retarded. We were dying of hunger but we managed to convince one of the restaurants to give us a nice early meal. Food wasn’t as good as it could be though.

Went to Spa and Massage parlour! These aren’t your dodgy cheap ho ones, this was high end ($17 USD is high end right?). Reeally high end. 30 minute steam bath thing for Steph, 30 minute body peeling thing for me. Mine was a little awkward though, having a half naked dude scrubbing you down can do that.

The 90 minute massage after that was great! It was a hand, foot, head back massage. Small vietnamese women were massaging us but somehow she had bionic hands of steel that can crush my bones at my request (well I was curious how strong her grip can be since she was already cruhsing my weak pathetic spindly body without any effort). The girl probably weight half my weight! I apparently was snoring halfway through the massage. Steph woke me up though, as she knows that once I start snoring, it can get louder and louder!

Met with Bac Chi in District 3. Had lunch with him and a relative of his. He gave us some gifts, and I saw the area in which my dad lived back when he was young.

Got a hair cut. Decent enough, but it looks eerily similar to my shark hair cut from Hong Kong! What’s with that… Two different countries, same annoying haircut. I’m beginning to think it is because of my crappy descriptions of what hair I want. Or there is some international league of annoying hairdressers. Tried to ask for hair extensions for Steph but they were too expensive. 7 million VND! That’s a lot of dong.

Had a buffet Japanese dinner. We didn’t even get to get our money’s worth unfortunately. We paid for really high end stuff at 20 bucks each person! Yakiniku and Shabu Shabu buffet. Man that shabu shabu meat thing is good.