Vietnam Day Three - Saturday - Da Lat

December 3, 2011
vietnam asia


Had breakfast at the hotel. We brought a bunch of fruit that we bought from the market the day before. I managed to get waitress to cut fruit for us. Had lots of funky tropical fruit, and the best one was probably the milky apple. It tastes like custard apple in apple form!

Straight after breakfast we decided to wash our clothes. The washing was very expensive and the hotel clerks would not give us any information about the nearby laundromats (they want us to use their services instead). Very unprofessional. We ended up just washing the clothes ourselves in the bath and hanging them up. This a mistake as there wasn’t enough time to dry the articles of clothing.

Walked to the markets and bought clothing. Steph wasn’t happy with the cost of the dresses and shirts that she bought. The market clerks are very ruthless.

We walked around a lot afterwards to find a place to eat lunch. We found a good classy ish cafe which had a reasonably large menu but most of the items were not available (this happens a lot in Vietnam for some reason).

After lunch we hopped on one of the paddle swan things. Pretty good fun, steering was troubling at first (the rudder is not obvious). Steph tried various ways to paddle the swan. Standing up, paddling backwards, etc. We saw a lot of dead fish in the lake, probably from getting chopped up by the swan’s brutal rudder.

Walked back to the hotel after that. We wanted to go to the local golf course but instead we came across what appears to be an abandoned theme park! We went inside to take a look. I ended up having to pee there because I was busting to go to the toilet.

Walked back to the hotel. A lot of time was spent trying to dry the clothes. We basically used and abused the hair dryer for about 6 hours today (well it felt that long!). We probably really annoyed the neighbours. We just kept blasting the clothing with hot air for ages hoping it’ll dry faster. We did the same thing tomorrow morning.

We went to V Cafe for dinner. It was actually pretty good. The waiter who opened the door for us said “hello and good to see you again!”. A little awkward that he remembers us. Maybe its because of my funky hair or something. Steph ended up ordering two mains. The soup was good, eaten with Vietnamese bread which is nice and airy. She had grilled mackerels with pasta afterwards. I had tortillas with cheese or something. Nice to eat some western food for once.