Vietnam Day Two - Sunday - Saigon

November 27, 2011
vietnam asia

We got ripped off! Was not a very good day today. Generally our plan was to walk around and explore. steph’s walking endurance (and mine, admittedly) is quite poor, but we ended up walking 2 or so hours to district 1, which is basically the CBD. Had to walk through mud, grime, fish markets, mould and all sorts of dirty things to get to the area. Once we got there we didn’t really know where to go.

walking around aimlessly for awhile (much to Steph’s chagrin)

The Cy lo we took wouldn’t tell us the price when we asked them. Ended up being 1 000 000 dong for two people. Bastards. I told them no but they bullied me into it! I’m a silly foreigner. I was told later by our tour guide that we shouldn’t ever take Cy lo in Saigon. They are banned by the government except for the specific tourist ones. Any cy lo we see are dodgy and shouldn’t be used ever. Ruined our day.

Lunch was good. Ate at Nha Hang Ngon/Quan An Ngon.

Dinner we ate at a local pho place. We really shouldn’t but our host brought us there anyway. We ate pho while he ate PHO XAO! Apparently this is a special north viet only dish. Its basically deep fried pho without soup. It was awesome! Must investigate how to make it ourself.