Hong Kong 18 July 2012

July 18, 2012
hongkong asia

Well I’m finally back in Asia’s world city! Its night time already though and not much to do.

imageLifted weights to celebrate my return again Headed to Wan Chai, one or two stops away from where we’re staying. Pretty cool place, but seems to be a red light district of sorts. The Roppongi of Hong Kong. Strip clubs, prostitutes, massage parlours were everywhere. Also foreigners too, surprisingly enough.

First step was to find some nice food to eat. Steph was in the mood for some non-Chinese food and I don’t blame her after the traumatising event with the turtle stew thing that morning. Ended up finding a cool upmarket Italian restaurant in the dodgy red lights of Wan Chai. Too classy once again, they put us on a chair suspended by ropes! Fancy and stuff, but since we just got off a ferry being on a slowly swinging and unpredictable chair means that we would puke before even getting our entrees. So we changed to a more grounded, stable seat. Ate some sort of pasta and seafood platter dish with the biggest prawns I’ve ever seen in my life.

imageYou can see the evil suspended chair at the back there image

imageThat’s good stuff bruh. Not sure if you can see the Prawn to End All Prawns there Dropped off Steph at the train station, went back to the Irish pub. Upstairs and danced some Lindy for 30 minutes before heading home. Met some nice people there too.

imageDancing! The world is right once again