Hong Kong MKII 21 July 2012

July 21, 2012
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Breakfast at Tsui Wah next to our hostel. Really bad compared to the same restaurant over at the Galaxy Casino in Macau. Probably because that was at the Galaxy Casino and this time was in the Mirador Mansion slums. Maybe. Regardless, food took ages to arrive, drinks forgotten (seriously, what’s with that? I think about 5 times now service staff have forgotten to give me my drinks. Maybe people don’t order drinks or something?). Steph’s food, which was the cheese rice seafood bake thing or something, arrived poorly presented and the seafood was OFF! Smelled rotten. She ate a bite by accident before realising. Not a pleasant experience. Not to mention the food took ages to arrive. I, however, was guiltily chomping away happily at my condensed milk bun and brown chicken.

imageBrown chicken! Truly the food of the gods. imageAlmond milk! Truly the drink of the… Gah there’s egg whites in here! Walked around TST for awhile, got some belts. Chilled out in the LAN cafe for an hour waiting for our massage appointment to arrive (2pm I think it was). This was when I uploaded all my photos online to Google+. Pretty cheap ends up being 20HKD for an hour for two people. This works out to about half the price of LAN cafes in Perth. Not that anyone really goes to LAN Cafes anymore.

Went to the (strangely Japanese centric) massage place. Costed quite a bit but I was too scared to go to the dodgy basement ones that were advertised everywhere in TST. I’ve heard horror stories of 100% surcharges or just price hikes and fine print, enforced by burly men (or at least men with pointy sticks). Maybe. So we decided to pay through the nose.

imageThis was on the way upstairs to the massage place. Looks safe. Took ages to find the place though. It was pretty cool experience. Chinese Massage. And by cool I mean GODDAMN IT WAS PAINFUL. That damn lady probably had a big grin on her face as she poked, prodded, crushed, pinched and elbowed me everywhere. Meanwhile I gritted my teeth through the worst of it. And the best of it. Some nice moments during that massage, which were punctuated pleasantly by death grips and painful stabs.

Foot massage after was pretty neat though. I have pretty big feet so I get more value for money than Steph! Mwahaha!

imageSoy joys tasted awful. Fish skin things were too addictive. Couldn’t stop eating them. I suspect they were laced with something maybe. imageReally tasty winter melon drink. Returned to the apartment for a nap. We’ve been doing that every day so far. Go out, nap, go out. Not sure if that’s really healthy but it seems to work. Maybe that’s what everyone else does too. Though it still makes me wonder, doesn’t everyone work? How the hell do these people afford to shop and eat out ALL THE DAMN TIME?! I’m sure there are a bunch of professionals working 9am – 9pm, but that leaves the other 10 million Chinese people I see running around and pushing the economy forward at a ridiculous speed.

Ahem. Anyway ate dinner in Ootoya. Felt like some Japanese food. It as pretty damn good! Drank some lovely Calpis Soda, my favourite drink of all.

imageVery good and pretty affordable as well.

imageEating bony fish with chopsticks is so damn hard but where there is a will there is a way. Grabbed some preserved red dates for Mum. I’m a little concerned because there is no English label on them, making it difficult to bring into Australia. I might need to buy it again elsewhere that is more foreigner friendly so Australian Customs don’t beat me up when I land in Perth for smuggling mysterious Chinese drugs.

imageWish I could bring back the other stuff in the shop too

imageLooks tasty. Grabbed some drinks from 711. Man I should be doing this more often. I love trying out random Asian drinks but the ones here in Hong Kong are nowhere near as good as the ones in Japan.

imageFound a dessert place. Dessert hunting was our original plan today. Spaghetti grass jelly!

Steph wasn’t feeling too flash (maybe from the bad seafood this morning) so I let her rest and headed to Mongkok on my own. Walked around for a bit then as I was walking through the markets saw everyone closing up. Everyone else was leaving! I wondered why then felt a massive gust of wind.

imageTyphoons aren’t enough to scare off cover bands with strong Chinese accents. That play from inside a van. Promoting Ribena. Seriously. imageDiscovered dessert shop. Need to try this place later. imageThe KFC shop stores their coke syrup on the street outside. Theres an opportunity here but I’m not sure what it is… imageTempting. Mass produced char kwe/chow wai/crusty flour roll things in Perth are no good. Must try before I leave The typhoons are starting! Typhoon warning level 1 has been issued. We should be grateful that we’ve gotten an entire week so far without rain though, instead receiving suffocating humidity and pollution. Beats rain any day. Mostly because I’m not really equipped for upside down rivers pouring on my head.

imageNice! Typhoon time! I looked up and saw the sky turn grey really fast too. I tried to dash to the MTR (train system subway thing) but took a wrong turn and got lost. Hid in a shop for awhile then eventually found it. Just had to follow the sea of people. And I MEAN a sea of people. Damn it was peaker than peak hour. I took a video of it. It was that noteworthy. The crowding that is, not the typhoon. Typhoons are meh. At level 1 anyway.

imageOur friendly neighbours are still working hard as ever though.