Hong Kong MKII 20 July 2012

July 20, 2012
hongkong asia

imageAnother quiet day in the subways imageGood grief that guy must bash his head against everything here Today was Causeway Bay day! Headed over to the very Chinese unsounding Din Tai Fung restaurant in an attempt to find some dim summy type of food. Ended up being a standard restaurant with a really cool wonton thingo. Can’t remember the name, Xiao Lao Bao or something? Wai Ai Kan Su Pik Chai Nees… =(

imageThey had like 20 people in a kitchen that can hold 3 people. 3 Australians anyway. We came too early by the way. The restaurant opens at 1130am. Not to mention most shops open around 10am. Man my entire body clock is stuffed up now that I expect things to be open at weird times so I end up sleeping super late, and also waking up super late. Also since the city  is always alive we tend to find ourselves walking around looking for dinner at 10pm or something. I’m turning Chinese noooo!

So we kind of lurked and slunk around the restaurant for about 20 minutes. The staff lined up when it opened and since we were the first customers to walk in they all bowed and greeted us in Taiwanese (I think? Its a Taiwanese restaurant). Pretty cool!

ANYWAY the wonton thing is basically a wonton with soup INSIDE it. So you put it in your soup spoon, cover it with ginger and sauce of some sort. Then you POKE the damn thing with your chopsticks and suddenly your spoon is filled with soup!. Then you plonk it in your mouth. Tastes great. Its like magic soup wonton bombs. Or something.

imageBehold! The magic wonton soup bomb! imageCan’t remember this very well. It was probably tasty, statistically. imageMy dessert wasn’t as tasty unfortunately. The service was great too and the cost wasn’t TOO bad. I think it worked out to 20 bucks a head. A lot, but standard in Perth I guess. And this was far above and beyond what you can get in Perth. Unlike the dimsum we went to a few days later which I’ll cover in the future.

Explored the World Trade Centre afterwards. Which is also a department store in disguise. Surprise! Bought bits and bobs for the apartment back home. Lots of awesome cooking stuff there hey. Cool rice cookers and pots and pans and tools of all shapes and sizes.

imageSo tasty, you can take photos with anthropomorphic wonton soup bombs! Was about to go to the recommended hair cut place in the WTC (as recommended by the tour guide brochure this time anyway) and the damn thing would have costed me close to 50AUD! No way! So just walked out of the WTC and found a haircutting place across the road for 15 bucks.

imageSteph doesn’t like looking like a dork for some reason. Don’t see what the problem is, she looks like everyone else in the city now. imageDUCK TOWN! Its duck heaven on Earth imageOur duck leaders are coming to defeat us with their cuteness The service was kind of shabby as usual (girl shouting at me in Cantonese) and I kind of told her to just cut my damn hair as she liked. Now if you remember last time in Hong Kong (AND Vietnam) I got a shark hair cut. Well, it was more of a shark and egg head combination. A terrible hair cut regardless. It was quite a nice surprise that I got a decent hair cut this time. Girl had good taste. The only instructions I gave her were to make my hair “short, but not too short”. I hate saying that but no idea how else to say it.

imageAhh look at that mop of healthy hair imageOh my god nooo not the egg hair shark cut imageHey cool I still look human imageAlmost… The old dude next to me in the hair cutting place was waiting for like 30 minutes, meanwhile two of the workers were just stuffing around, one of them preening and polishing his bright green hair (seriously) in the mirror. Blowdrying and checking himself out. Maybe he was on a break or something but it was pretty unprofessional. And that’s ignoring his green cockatoo haircut in the first place.

Went back to Mongkok (I think) that evening.Wanted to head to the computer centre to buy some stuff and just look around. My plan was to buy the Nexus Tab but the people here aren’t very up to date with technology weirdly enough. They have truckloads of imitation tablets though which are pretty decently specced, but run Android 2.1 blegh. Bought a nifty looking USB drive. 32GB. Steph also bought a flash drive, novelty in the shape of sunflower from Plants vs Zombies. An excellent theme in my opinion.

imageNice and quiet here in Mong kokAlso go the damn keyboard so I can start blogging. Should’ve just brought my trusty mechanical keyboard from Australia. They sell the Ducky Shine keyboard here! I was looking absolutely everywhere for it last year in Kuala Lumpur. Too bad I already spent way too much on keyboards already or I would’ve bought that on the spot too. This keyboard I’m using now is pretty decent though I guess. Cost me 98 HKD and is much lighter than my trusty mechanical. Good for travelling.

imageGlad wrapping shoes. Yep I’m in Asia Bought some shoes from Hush Puppies, my well trusted brand. Well, the only one that has been reliably able to handle my gargantuan feet. Have I mentioned that I possibly have the biggest feet in the city? I spent the past few days going to 5 or so crocs stores to find some damn crocs in the size and style that I wanted. I’m only a size 11 too! Finally managed to get some. They look hideous, but pretty cool at the same time. Don’t hate me for wearing crocs!

Actually crocs are very big in Hong Kong. I have absolutely no idea why. Comfy perhaps?

imageBringing sexy back imageCalm yourself ladies Went through the ladies market, argued with the store owners over prices. They are very skilled at bargaining, but this was the one moment where I was allowed to commit my pent up stress and rage from living in Hong Kong and shout in English the price I wanted. It was quite satisfying actually. It went something like this:

“How much are these sunglasses?”
“Okay I’ll give you 60HKD”
“No way! 110HKD”
“Okay… 65HKD”
“Finefine 100HKD” She starts putting the sunnies into a bag

Anyway go the sunnies for 80 bucks. I never said I was good at bargaining. I still am bad. But at least I managed to shout at someone for once.

Steph bought an iPhone cover here as well. Interestingly all the crap you can buy online (cheap clothes, electronics etc) are all here. This is where it comes from, all the crappy chinese electronics and clothing you see on eBay and stuff. Its not that much cheaper here I guess, but still a little better. Plus you can see how sucky it is before buying unlike buying off the internet with perfectly proportioned perfectly plastically surgeried girls posing in a superior tailored version of the same clothing.

Went back to Langham Place, ate some lovely crab congee at Chee Kai amongst other things. Man that was so tasty. So, so tasty.

imageAww yeah imageAnd then you have weird abominations Ate more intestine at some point. 15 HKD. The other place was 10HKD! But the 15HKD one was in a better location, so I guess thats the power of location!