Hong Kong MKII 24 July 2012

July 24, 2012
hongkong asia

Well this was my supposed last day of my trip! Supposed… right.

Children have priority for some reason hereSo we got up and dashed over to the airport. Very pleasant being able to use the subway/MTR system for access to the airport. The flight was delayed by three hours and I was concerned that we would not be able to catch the connecting flight from KL to Perth in time at this rate! It’ll be close, but it should fit.

Hong Kong airport was looking pretty sweet. Very cool place, there is even a cinema here! Anyway we checked in. The staff for Air Asia here were actually Chinese/Hongkongie and were amazingly fast! Not surprising, but after dealing with Air Asia staff in Malaysia this was a pleasant change. Stuff got done super fast, got checked in immediately etcetc. The lady was a little concerned that would not be able to get to our connecting flight in time but if there is a problem the Malaysian AirAsia staff should be able to take care of it (pfft!). We then took the monorail to the correct terminal. It was a little confusing because there was no gate assigned to the flight yet. Considering there were 50 or so gates I wanted to be sure that I was at least close to the correct gate at the right time.

We dropped by the little convenience store to grab some food for the plane. Turns out we were really poor and had almost zero money remaining. The lady showed us that spending 100HKD you get a 10% discount card and since we only had 70 or so HKD we can use our Octopus card to pay for the rest of it, putting our card’s credit into the negative! Cool, free money! This does mean, however, that we were left with ZERO DOLLARS LEFT IN OUR COFFERS.

We were pretty hungry but there wasn’t any time for proper food. We opted for some McDonalds takeaway, grudgingly. The line was gigantic. There were people absolutely everywhere, sleeping on the floor etc. They were all stranded because of the typhoon and there were thousands of displaced people.

Or maybe Chinese people really like McDonalds

Nah, there were literally thousands of people

A sea of people!

Some guys look really comfortable thoughThe McDonalds was actually pretty good surprisingly enough. (though I’m in Hong Kong so the food is automatically tasty no matter where I eat). Had two burgers, big and tasty, and the Chicken something. I bought two big and tasties by accident, but no matter, I scoffed the burgers down like it was just one burger! Steph was very impressed.

that our flight would have a gate number. After awhile it did but the delay was so great there was no way we were going to catch the Perth flight in time!
that our flight would have a gate number. After awhile it did but the delay was so great there was no way we were going to catch the Perth flight in time!
so great there was no way we were going to catch the Perth flight in time!


=====Long four hour flight later=====

Arrived in KL! Missed our flight so we had to do something about it. Went to the transfer desk and was greeted rudely by the Malaysian staff (nice, exactly how I left them). Was eventually combined with a bunch of other people that were stranded just like we were.

After some hours battling with the staff, we eventually made it to the service desk where we were told to get our overnight hotel and replacement flights.

I’ll spare you the details, but it took around four hours of talking. The two ladies we were with did most of the talking as they are very pushy and bossy. The staff were going to make us wait until Saturday when the next flight to Perth was available and not overbooked. The lovely ladies kept pushing them until they finally agreed to an earlier flight to Bali then Perth. This took WAY too long. Very disappointed with the staff at LCCT but not surprised. The thing with low budget airlines is that when they stuff up at all its very difficult to fix any issues. Luckily we had those two ladies with us otherwise I probably would not have bothered and would be stuck in KL for ages.

Generally we claimed we were part of a wedding party and needed to go ASAP. Not sure if that helped.

We were all shoved into a taxi that rocketed off and drove like crazy to our hotel. We slept.