Hong Kong MKII 25 July 2012

July 25, 2012
hongkong asia

Got up at 4am. Good grief that was early.

If we were to hope for a no show for one of the KL to perth flights we would’ve had to return to the airport EVERY SINGLE DAY to take the place of the no shows. Thankfully we had this nice round trip to Bali then Perth. The staff assured us that we would not have to pay the Bali entry and exit tax, and that they will send an email to AirAsia in Bali to make sure of this. When asked if we could have a copy of the email, the guy said no because copying us in on the email means that the Bali staff won’t receive it. Riiiight.

At least the fire escape is more competent. 

Anyway made it to Bali. Well what do you know, they didn’t receive an email at all and we were now forced to pay entry and exit taxes just to stay in Bali for a few hours! This ended up costing around 50AUD per person.

Airport food! Tasted so bad, and cost about 5x more than everything outside.The staff here were much nicer and more accommodating though, probably because they were Indonesian not Malaysian. Seriously. They tried to help but since they say they had no email they can’t do anything.

Some of the assistants were just cardboard cutouts, and weren’t very helpful eitherAlso, Air Asia and Air Asia X are two entirely separate entities. Apparently.

Since we didn’t really expect to come to Indonesia we didn’t really have any Ringgits to spend. I had my emergency 4 MYR which was useless. Plus I used my credit card on my last few purchases in Hong Kong since we ran out of money completely. We were broke! We had 100AUD between us but that was all spent on the blasted airport entry/exit tax. I think we managed to fish our some more AUD somewhere and get enough money for a really bad tasting sandwich. We also bought a drink but for some mysterious reason the Bali airport decided to set up a security checkpoint JUST OUTSIDE the flight gate! This means that after going through the first security checkpoint, we had all our water confiscated. So we bought some water in the departure lounge. Then before we could leave we got the water confiscated again! Not one to be outdone, we decided to drink the entire bottle of water in about 30 seconds before we went through the checkpoint. That checkpoint was so pointless and made our day even worse.

First class for me!

Only croc owners get red carpet treatmentAs expected we were so very thirsty on the plane. The result is that passengers are forced to buy water! Sneaky sneaky. But instead we just asked for tap water. Actually we asked for hot water to pour into our instant noodles. We were hoping the soup would suppress our thirsty but instead the soup was super salty! We got even thirstier. Had to keep asking for tap water.

We had another pack of instant noodles too. This was brought all the way from Hong Kong. They are perhaps the most well travelled noodles in the world! We brought it all the way back to Perth. It took up a lot of space in my bag and was annoying to carry around but at least we had emergency food in case of starvation.


BACK IN PERTH. That was a very long 48 hours. That concludes our exciting journey to Hong Kong. Did it excite you too?

When we touched down we were very hungry (and thirsty, for some reason). We went to the city at 9pm and lo and behold everything was closed and the streets were so empty. A big change from Hong Kong. Missing it already! But not missing the food, as we had too much of it and was sick of it for now.

However… nothing was open. Except for the Hong Kong restaurant in Northbridge. We had to eat dinner there after all.

…Some things never change.