Hong Kong MKII Day 1

July 16, 2012
hongkong asia

Hi everyone! Been trying to update this thing but have been too busy surviving the chaos that is Hong Kong (and Malaysian hospitality, more aptly named anti-hospitality). And also typing on this damned phone. I need pointy thumbs or something. I knew I should have brought along a keyboard.

First day was spent flying to Hong Kong. 6 hour flight spent sleeping (I have the uncanny ability to sleep instantly on a plane. I think the white noise from the engines put me to sleep or something. Perhaps they are engineered to resonate at a subliminal frequency).

The flight to Kuala Lumpur was delayed due to “mechanical delays”. This was concerning but they managed to get the flying machine into the air eventually.

Attempting to transfer to the airport was hard too. As always, questions were met with eye rolls, I was met with customer service representatives that were busy servicing their phones and SMSing. Sighs, bitchin, flustered responses about how my English was bad because I didn’t understand what they were saying. All in all, a normal day in Malaysia! It’s the absolute worst in service than any other country in the known multi verse I reckon.


A view into the mighty KL airport. My feet were killing me, I have absolutely no idea how people wear ultra high heels in an airport and come out of a 6 hour flight with freshly permed hair or whatever

After 4 hours just mucking around we boarded the trip to Hong Kong. I have no idea why but I thought the flight was about 1 or 2 hours. Ended up being around 4 hours I think.

Luckily I loaded my 32gb flash drive with millions of hours of entertainment. And I paired my ps3 controllers to my phone for super Nintendo fun!

At the airport ate congee at exactly the same place that we did last time around. Tasty but I bought too much food by accident. Ended up being 6aud a head so it’s dirt cheap by Australian / Perth standards anyway.


Aww yeah airport food. Overpriced and under flavoured. Still ends up tasting better and is cheaper than Perth food. Train to Central then transferred to TST. A little worried about finding the right place since Hong Kong was as crazy and chaotic as when I left it last time. We found it out if pure luck. As usual. It’s like the city is alive or something.

image Ah the octopus cards allowing a keen traveller to enter with the subways tentacles and tendrils into the orifices of the mega city

image People in the train at the undecidedly unpeak hour of 1030pm. Do these people remember what sleep is?

image Damn this place be smaller than my luggage