Macau Day 1 - contrasting environments

July 18, 2012
macau asia

ALERT: Due to severe crappiness of my Android app, images will be uploaded in a different method. Stay tuned.

Okay we arrived in one gelatinous piece over at Macau. Them thar rocking sea boats are very unpleasant to be on.

Anyway had to find out how to get in. Didn’t realise that we needed to go through the immigration process with arrival cards and the whole shebang.

Took a taxi to the hotel. Came across some funky buildings on the way. This place is so different to Hong Kong. It’s actually… Just like Vietnam! Crazy. Maybe it has something to do with the French and Dutch being here instead of the British so instead of being industrious and sipping tea they focus on weird architecture and… Parks. Parks with exercise machines. They really have to be seen to be believed.

We decided to go exploring the city on the poorer side. Not much to look at but we needed some food! Lunch I think. At 3 pm or something. The seasick inducing ferry wasn’t very helpful for our stomachs.

We ended up making it to a Mcdonalds! Truly the cuisine of the locals. But we decided against it and went across the road to a place that intimidated us earlier since it was completely in Chinese. We had to order from pictures. I think the staff were so excited to see us that they gave us a discount at the end too! Tasty food but it was strange. Wonton soup is pretty normal but the dish I got was weird. It had some sort of chicken dish that didn’t look like chicken at all. Tasty though, in a mysterious way.
Macau is well known for being the Vegas of Asia. When you see the gold plated buildings (seriously) and over the top furnishings of the casino you will probably agree!

We went to the Venetian first. Very cool place. There is a damn moat cutting through the stores along the centre! There are also gondola rides you can take on the moat too. Pretty awesome. We were in a huge rush because it was already late and wanted to go to Ice World. This is a exhibition that the casino was holding, presumably a world made of ice. But we found out later. With the fear of ice in its name, we spent some time looking for some warm clothing for Steph, lest she freeze over upon entering the door of ICEWORLD!

(Ridiculously tight and uncomfortable) Stockings and (emergency) turtleneck later, we pretty much ran all the way to Ice World. Paid our tickets and dashed in. To our surprise they actually gave you jackets to wear to avoid the cold. So all that rush before was pointless, or so we thought.

We donned our jackets and noted how damn hot it made us feel. But then they opened the door to ICEWORLD. It was DAMN cold. I suppose it makes sense that it would be below freezing but it was still a huge surprise. We just ran to station to station to keep ourselves as warm as possible and then exited the exhibition. Cool stuff there, ice labyrinth, ice piano (operational), ice slides etc. See below for pixeltastic details.

Ate at the Tsui Wah restaurant in the Venetian afterwards. Surprisingly enough it is a Chinese restaurant. They had the COOLEST bowls ever, which I wish to buy as souvenirs as soon as I can find the damn things. Ate a nice cheese bake thingo and other things. Pics for details. I even bought a fancy pants milk ice tea champagne. To my disappointment, it was just ice milk tea. In a ice bucket.

We went to the Galaxy Casino immediately after. Went into the Crystal Piano Bar. It took awhile to find it, we followed the doorman’s directions, ended up going the wrong way and then walking a full circle all the way back to the doorman. We dashed away before he could see us to avoid embarrassment.

Crystal piano bar very classy. A little too classy. Live music and nice girl singing jazzy tunes. Costly stuff. Theres a damn 10% service surcharge on almost all of the places in Hong Kong. Yes, even in the places with really bad service where all the ladies shout at you. Kind of ruins the idea of service charges.

Taxied back home to our hotel. Cheap taxis. 5 buck maybe.

Hotel is not bad. Aircon sucks. I can basically smell the mould going into my lungs. Or maybe its Chinese air freshener.