Day 4 Budapest

May 2, 2013
budapest hungary europe

Unfortunately we were both completely dead today. I think Steph’s legs decided to stop working so she pretty much didn’t leave the apartment all day.


As for me I was pretty wiped out too. Not TOO badly though. I went shopping a little bit and got some takeaway Hummus to eat at home. Mmm Hummus.

Super scary lift towards our apartmentSuper scary lift towards our apartmentWe almost busted our ass and got to the city to buy some more of that lovely lovely rose shaped ice cream. It was worth it.

Cheap but cool sculptureCheap but cool sculpture we came acrossIt was a public holiday today apparently. All the shops were closed! Restaurants were open luckily. When I went to one of the computer shops and noone was there I thought that they were gone for a lunch break or something. I looked silly just sitting there waiting for someone to come back. Bah. Anyway at least kebab shops were open. Reminds of Ararat Kebabs in Perth which never EVER close. EVER. They serve desperate thesis students after all.

Not much else happened today. But then again you learn something every day right? Today I learnt that we need to work out more.