Singapore Mk II Day 0

October 5, 2013
singapore asia

Hello everyone! For some mysterious reason we have decided to return to Singapore. My previous experience was pretty horrible to say the least and in general I try to avoid anything involving the words ‘sing’ or ‘pore’ after some traumatising events regarding my work, food, and travel experiences.

image](/images/2013/10/wpid-img_20131005_133735.jpg)Managed to fit two luggages worth into one somehowRegardless here we are on the plane to Singapore. Decided to go with Tiger Airways to save money. I suppose saving money is okay if basic human rights are not important or required at the time.

image](/images/2013/10/wpid-img_20131005_173153.jpg)Ah economy class how I’ve missed you image](/images/2013/10/wpid-img_20131005_173212.jpg)Steph is really comfortable thoughSo we were on the plane. We went to the Asian groceries before hand in order to buy a lot of snacks, instant noodles and stuff so we can eat on the plane. So far so good!

image](/images/2013/10/wpid-img_20131005_184926.jpg)Mmm tasty dinnerStrike One
We got our instant noodles out, opened the seasoning and poured it over our noodles in anticipation. Called the hostess over and she tells us that she is very sorry but we are not allowed to consume any food on this plane other than the ones that are sold by Tiger Airways on the flight itself!

Strike Two
Out comes the food trolley. There’s a big jug of hot water on it! Hot water DOES exist on this plane! But only to the promised ones. Aka people who are willing to pay for it. We ended up paying for oreos because we were so desperate for food. A clever ploy, Tiger.

image](/images/2013/10/wpid-img_20131005_1912122.jpg)Gasp! Cup noodles for sale!Strike Three
They’re selling cup noodles on their food trolley. I believe this must be some sort of violation of my basic human rights somehow.

image](/images/2013/10/wpid-img_20131005_191625.jpg)We diluted the hot chocolate we bought so we can get our full moneys worth.From this point on my level of respect for Singaporeans may have gone below zero. But no matter! We will enjoy this holiday no matter what gruelling, suffering trickery or manipulation we have to face!

Oh yeah and we also have the worst seats in the entire plane. They are in front of the exit row so they are in a really stupid back breaking angle. They also do not rotate and lean back because of aforementioned exit rows. It was incredibly painful. Not to worry, we have selected the same seats on the way back so we can enjoy further back breaking goodness!

Anyway as a general rule I have learnt that it is important to always read the fine print in Singapore. Lots of tiny words usually means you end up paying way more than you were initially intending to.