Vienna Day 3

April 27, 2013
vienna austria europe

I’m on a roll! Typing at the speed of light! Fingers tapping at the speed of sound! Tendons screeching at the speed of very fast tendons!

Day 3. Vienna.

Today was mostly souvenir shopping. So expensive. The Austrians (are they Austrians or Viennese? Arnold Schwarzenegger or Waltz?) love to pimp Mozart. His face is plastered everywhere! Key rings, mugs, doors, posters, shop names, shop mascots, you name it. As annoying as that is, at least it makes it really easy to find music paraphernalia. Music themed stores are not popular in Australia. Something something football something.

IMG_20130426_103618Now THIS is something I can identify with. IMG_20130426_131935Very cool music that I will have to ‘acquire’ someday when I get the chance and actually remember.We headed to the music museum today. Haus Der Musik. Also known as the House of Music. Some cool stuff here. One floor of DVD concert performances of the Viennese Philharmonik Blah. Second floor all about ear science. Beats, frequencies, vibrations, inner ears, etc. This was a REALLY creepy floor. Mostly dark and filled with creepy sounds. Third floor was audio tour of each of the famous musicians from Vienna. Strauss, Mozard, Beethoven, Mahler and some others. Pretty boring and interesting at the same time. Mostly learning about their lives and such. We accelerated the process near the end and left. Bought some music souvenirs. Actually I don’t remember if I did. Steph got a music scarf or something.

We also had a schnitzel for lunch. It was great.

Dinner was at Mariahilfer Brau. Pub food! I loved it. Tastes like home.

IMG-20130428-WA0010So much damn pasta we managed to eat it for breakfast between BOTH of us IMG-20130428-WA0011Goulash. Tasty.