Tokyo 2014 Day 2

September 30, 2014
tokyo japan asia

Today we rode our bikes around. Tried to go to ryougoku by bike. Took ages but it was closed when we got there! Very disappointing, was looking forward to eat sumo food. Not so I can get fat(ter) or anything. Just that it’s one of those foods that people don’t know about. Maybe it tastes awful?

We then went to Shinjuku in the evening. Kabukicho had a pretty DODGY vibe to it so we didn’t stay long. Man it was packed in there.



image Ah yes my natural tanning says are now over

image I… Think… These separate your toes while walking or something?


image Empty boats makes it look scenic. I wonder of they’re actually being used

image Who needs more kids when you can just have midget dogs! They even wagged their tails in unison

image Finally made it. The one true purpose of coming to Japan.


image And there it is! Honestly, it tastes kind of like a normal burger. Smells slightly different though.

image WUT?

image A nice relaxing evening at Kabukicho in Shinjuku

image Raw horse! Missed out on this last time. Surprisingly good.

image These are like… Fishy chips but way better

image The robot restaurant in kabukicho

image What a cool job! I’d probably get sick of it after the thousandth shift though

image Wow I found a host bar

image Just a quiet Tuesday night at 10pm in Shinjuku station

image I… Think… This is a book on how women can socialise better. Anyone?