Busan Day 1, South Korea

April 15, 2014
korea busan asia

Well hello there! This is our first time in South Korea (not Best Korea). We’ve been in Busan for three days and I’m writing this as I’m on the bullet train to Seoul.

Day 1 mostly consisted of us sleeping the whole day and recovering from the plane trip. I feel like an old man sometimes.

This country is remarkably similar to Taiwan and Japan. The people are much louder, and a lot worse at staying on their side of the footpath. Steph regularly smashes into people through no fault of her own.

Almost everyone has a Galaxy, or Galaxy Note phone. Not filthy American or Japanese phones here!

In fact, everything seems to be made in Korea. Or at least was designed here. The elevators are made by Hyundai, Cuckoo rice cooker, Daewoo/Kia cars, and Samsung EVERYTHING!  Seriously there was a Samsung fashion store. I think Korea was unique in that regard, where they seem to have a few mega corporations duking it out. True capitalism.

Normal tea is really hard to come by. It always ginseng or Herbal teas. Which apparently doesn’t taste good.


Quite an aging population as well I think,  a lot of elderly people.

REALLY hot food.

We got a hair cut today. Found some place with no customers. Cost 10 bucks for each of us. I got lucky and had a decent haircut for once instead of my egg shaped shark haircut which I always get when I go overseas. She spent a lot more time on my hair instead of Stephs too for some reason. Maybe my hair was really nice.

Wifi everywhere! Subway trains have wifi too! This bullet train has wifi! I don’t think I even need a sim card if I were to live here.

imageI always prefer cash, card has failed me in the past

imageWe have to take our shoes off!

imageWe even get a washing machine with this motel which is great

imageSuper hot soup, gigantic wolf dog, me sleeping weirdly This gigantic dog had a sign next to it which probably said DONT TOUCH, DANGER, GIANT WOLF DOG. But we don’t actually read korean well enough yet.

imageLOOK AT THAT THING. I think it’s a lion

imageWe were desperate, nowhere to hang clothes! The cleaning lady was probably shocked when she came in

imageThis is a smile of pain from the hot soup maybe?

imageThese were random European statue things


imageWe had a plate of sashimi, with disgusting mollusc stuff they killed on the spot

imageEeew it’s like eating slime

imageSamsung fashion! Didn’t go inside though, it looked pretty high end

imageSteph was quite pleased with this photo, I think it is because of the dashingly handsome model she got to take snaps of

imageCat cafe! I stayed far away from that place for obvious reasons

imageThis place was called gwangbok… Or something

imageHottoek! This hottoek stuff is basically pan fried sweet pancakes. In Busan there is a special one which have all the nuts and seeds in it which taste so damn good.