April 28, 2014
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Jeonju! The City of Gastronomy! I’m guessing that means they have tasty food there. Lets see shall we…

This blog post covers two days in Jeonju, it was an overnight stay at a traditional style room, complete with rock hard thin mattresses, sleeping on the floor, and heatpiped flooring (amazing!)

image So old yet so new (the place just recently finished with renovations actually)

This is an image of outside the room. This area of the city is a nice relaxing and very zen kind of place (yes yes I know zen is a Japanese term). The rest of the city is a typical concrete jungle. Apparently there’s some sort of government regulation which allows this little haven to exist.

We were meant to leave the next morning but Steph liked it so much we decided to just stay for an entire second day. Our tour guides were kind enough to reschedule our trains back to Seoul to facilitate this.

DSC_0139The soft serve goes through the whole cone thing. Its probably for couples or very very close and gender secure male friends.We bought the ice cream first thing and it was a mistake as we were then too full for the rest of the day! Live and learn I suppose.

1024x768_bestfit(2)Korean Garden Gnomes! 

I’ve no idea what these statues are meant to represent.



I’ve been told that the flowers and such were very beautiful in Jeonju. As a soulless, tactical, mining engineering android I could not understand such wonders of nature. But there you go.


This noodle place is called Veteran and houses many many many people. The food was pretty great here.




1024x768_bestfit(9)I don’t actually remember what this one tasted like… but I THINK I really liked it just from looking at it. It might even be my favourite in my list of “Things of Which I Have Forgotten the Taste” 



1024x768_bestfit(15)Don’t worry, the fact that Steph is a giantess and I am a halfling here is mostly due to me being positioned further back.Around here we are at some sort of hipster/indie village, where the government encourages young people to set up shop and peddle their wares. It was pretty nice, with that independent shop kind of feel. There was a girl who just decided to start a bakery there for example, and all her equipement was non-commericial and she’d be busy wrapping her muffins (or whatever) manually as she waited for customers.

1024x768_bestfit(16)I’m a master illusionist! Actually you’re just not allowed to sit on the scooters so I just took a convincing stance. I think it was pretty convincing anyway. 


1024x768_bestfit(21)Roasted rice shaved ice dessertThis was REALLY good.


1024x768_bestfit(23)Mmm… Medicinal herbs.…And this was REALLY… bad. Apparently its good for you, the tour guide said. I definitely agree, it tastes like its good for me, which means it tastes horrible.

1024x768_bestfit(26)One of the city gates. No one really cares about it though so we got photos with no bystanders!An interesting thing we noticed was that the majority of tourists here at Jeonju are actually Koreans who happen to be exploring their own country. No foreigners here! Except for us anyway. I’m not actually sure why this is the case.



Super elite bibimbap place! Apparently this location served the royal family at one point I think. And they use these fancy bronze bowls for the food. We visited the maker of the bowls earlier and they all make this sweet gonging noise. I wanted to buy some but couldn’t really justify spending a lot buying indestructible beautiful brass/tin bowls. I kind of regret not buying them now though.


1024x768_bestfit(28)LOOK AT HOW FLUFFY IT IS! They put some sort of soup or water under the egg which lets it puff up so magnificiently!


DSC_0175That may be the most attractive bibimbap I will ever see.




Dinner was an interesting experience. Its a special system where you order in rounds of alcohol. And that’s it. You get a table of food for every round. Its not based on how many people are at the table.

1024x768_bestfit(38)Tasty pork knuckles

1024x768_bestfit(39)These were pretty good kimchi pancakes

1024x768_bestfit(40)I actually… completely forgot what this was.DAY TWO! Breakfast was a surprisingly tasty soup.






DSC_0146Just chilling out all casual-like outside our room 

DSC_0153These fried spherical doughnut thingies are quite common in Korea and are quite good when made fresh. 

We decided to go exploring on our own (the tour guides went back to Seoul as we decided to stay a little longer). We also got hopelessly lost and made it to the less impressive parts of Jeonju.






Our goal was actually to eat the roasted rice with shaved ice dessert but we couldn’t find it so we ended up eating at an imitation place nearer to our inn. Then we ate some weird Italian/Japanese food hybrid.

DSC_0190My god is that pasta with my tonkatsu?