Seoul Day 2, South Korea

April 18, 2014
korea seoul asia

image Master chef Nii and lowly kitchen minion StephCooking! We did some cooking classes in the morning and it was pretty good. I’m not much of a chef but at least the assistants there clean up after me so it takes out the worst part of cooking.


Morning class: 3 kinds of BBQ Afternoon class: spicy chicken stew and japchae

image More spicy food! Always spicy food :(Two cooking classes in a row! Our stomachs were feeling pretty horrible by this point so we had to take away our food afterwards.

image Mmm appetising (by appetising I mean not appetising) We were feeling sick so we got some French onion soup. Unfortunately it was more cheese bake with a dash of onion soup. And it wasn’t very good.

image First class living right there This was our hostel room. It was… Pretty poor to be honest. We booked the wrong one (“guest house” instead of “hostel”) and paid for it with a crappy place.

See that space between the shower and the bed? Yeah that’s a high traffic area because you need to squeeze through to access the beds.

But no matter, there is something called design motels in Seoul (they’re also known by seedier names too) that are no questions, no reservations accommodation! Plus it actually costs the a tiny bit more than the hostel AND you get a massive room, with two PCs (for LAN parties surely), jacuzzi, queen bed and all sorts of luxuries (ours had a skylight as well).

image Zeroth class living right there We stayed there for a night while leaving our luggage in the hostel. Yes we were that desperate. Yes it was worth it. And yes all we did was sleep.

We made sure to give the jacuzzi a nice long test run too.

It’s not perfect though. The sink isn’t attached to the wall so I almost broke it when I grabbed onto it, toilet is also not attached and finally the SPA KEPT TURNING ON EVERY 30 MINUTES. The massive water pump didn’t make help with our sleeping when it roars to life as soon as we nod off to sleep.

image Damn dat value for money But it’s all good, with a healthy dose of Google translate I managed to convince the reception guy to give us a new room. Tiger themed room! The previous one was zebra themed.

Overall this day was pretty tough to go through, but the hotel made it better. The Korean standard solid-as-a-rock mattress don’t help much though.